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In Marinker’s terms, their sickness has pretty low status

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canadian goose jacket But their condition is more likely to be dismissed as “a bizarre form of malingering”6 or “the systematic practice canada goose outlet hong kong of deliberate and calculated simulation of disease so as to obtain attention, status and free accommodation and board”.7 Most of goose outlet canada them, it may canada goose outlet ontario be explained, “are suffering from psychopathic personality or personality defect”, a condition defined as being “characterised by impulsive, egocentric and antisocial behaviour”, with “a difficulty in forming normal relationships, and a manner which is either aggressive or charming or which alternates between the two”.8 That, it might be observed, makes them sound suspiciously like people who have not had the opportunity or luck to end up as successful politicians or captains of industry.People labelled with then, may have succeeded in getting recognised as being sick, but not in the sense they intended. In Marinker’s terms, their sickness has pretty low status. It is doubtfully a disease, and as illness its meaning veers more towards the pre than post 18th century usage “wickedness, depravity, immorality”. canadian goose jacket

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